Coworkers' 'Playful Slap Game' Results in Hospital Visit

A look at weird crimes in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Rock, paper, ambulance

A playful slap game between two Niles coworkers resulted in one punching the other one in the face with enough force to send him to the hospital. After an initial investigation, neither party wanted to press charges.

Drunk dialing was bad enough

A Glenview resident reported that an intoxicated person entered the residence without permission at 1:49 a.m. Police advised the drunk trespasser never to return to that home.

Gucci trash bin and Prada garbage disposal remain untouched

A patron at a facility in Glenview reported that someone stole a Coach diaper bag.

It’s getting to be like a guy can’t break into a bus drink beer and smoke cigarettes anymore

Someone broke into a bus in Skokie. A beer bottle and bits of tobacco were found left inside.

Off-season theft

Someone stole swimming goggles and a bathing suit from the back seat of a vehicle in Skokie.

Wrong look leads to right hook

Julie McCarthy, 47, of Niles was charged with battery Dec. 29 at noon in the 8800 block of Cumberland after

Niles police responded to a 25-year-old man who was bleeding from the mouth. He told police he had gone to get groceries from his father's car when he saw a 47-year-old Niles woman a few feet away, and she said, "Do you have a problem?", approached him and said "Go ahead and hit me," according to police. The victim said he would not hit a woman, and the woman then punched him. The woman’s son appeared and struck the victim on the mouth,police said. The victim's father then pulled the other man away from his son.

The woman told police the two families do not get along, and said when she came out of her apartment, the victim was looking at her, would not let her pass and swore at her. "I punched him with a right cross right to his face," she told police, according to the report.


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