Evanston Cheapest IL Town to Get Caught With the Need to Speed

A consumer website put a price tag on speeding in cities across the state, and Evanston turned out the be the least stressful on your wallet.

Credit: Nerd Wallet
Credit: Nerd Wallet
You'll save yourself some aggravation — and some money — if you ease up on the gas and follow the speed limit.

But lead-footed drivers in Evanston fare the best financially than speeding scofflaws in many other Illinois towns, according to a study from NerdWallet.com.

According to the study, the true cost of a speeding ticket in Illinois is 6.2 times the cost of the actual fine, with drivers paying an average of $744 in total for a $120 speeding ticket. 

The site, which factored in the cost of the ticket plus insurance rates over a five-year period—how long rate hikes last in the state—determined that a speeding ticket in Evanston costs $577.40, the lowest in the state.

The Illinois city with the highest cost? Harvey at $977.85.

Go to the Nerd Wallet website for the full list of cities covered and the price it could cost to speed through them.

Patch Editor Shannon Antinori contributed to this report.

IllinoisLibertarian July 05, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Thinks for the info. This is why I rarely go over the speed limit in Illinois. No speeding tickets yet since the 11 years I have been here. Knock on wood and titanium.


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