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Victim in Tuesday’s Skokie Shooting is Identified

Funeral Files Stolen and Clever Trap Laid for Thief

A look at weird crimes in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Someone took searching for the keys to the afterlife a little too literally

A man pried open the safe at an Evanston church and stole keys and funeral files.

I suppose good fences don't do anything for former neighbors...

A Skokie man reported that his former neighbor cut down a tree on his property.

Thief's forgetfulness hits him like a ton of bricks

The owners of a stolen truck in Lake County noticed that several items wrapped in a blanket were left next to where their truck went missing. They removed the items and filled the blanket with bricks instead. When the 18-year-old who police say stole both the truck and the items that had been wrapped in the blanket returned for the items, the truck owners detained him until police arrived. He was charged with several counts of burglary and theft.

That’s why they call it dope.

Niles officers responded to a home for a burglar alarm going off. Two officers and a dog searched the house for offenders, and found four gallon-sized clear plastic resealable bags of green leafy substance weighing a total of just over one pound. The home’s resident was charged with felony possession of cannabis.

Packing heat? Nope, just a dirty diaper

Police responded to a Lake Bluff elementary school after someone found what appeared to be a gun holster. Police determined the item was part of a child safety seat.

It is breast cancer awareness month, after all

A man left pink paint on a 2000 Subaru parked in Evanston.


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