Men Rollerblade Down the Edens

A look at weird crimes in the northern Chicago suburbs.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Party in man’s pants: cancelled

An Arlington Heights man was arrested at the Palatine Walmart after police said he attempted to conceal headphones in his pants and leave the store without paying, but not before he shoved an employee who tried to stop him.

The problem with skeleton screws? No guts.

Two specialized, skeleton screws and a license plate were taken off of a Harley Davidson in Arlington Heights. Both screws resembled skeletons with red eyes and were valued at $10 each.

Blade runners

Illinois State Police found two men on rollerblades traveling north in the southbound lanes of the Edens in Northfield. An officer transported the men to Willow Road and no charges were filed, police say.  

Assault vehicle

One man kicked another man’s car in Evanston after the two got into an argument over a gas pump.


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