NU SafeRide Driver Caught Buying Alcohol for Underage Passenger

Arrest part of Evanston police's focus on Evanston 1st Liquors

A 21-year-old Northwestern student was arrested for buying alcohol for the underage student she was driving as part of the university's SafeRide program, the Daily Northwestern reported.

The driver legally purchased alcohol at Evanston 1st Liquors but when police pulled her over shortly after she left, her passenger, an underage Northwestern sophomore, was in possession of bottle of raspberry-flavored Bacardi rum, according to the Daily Northwestern article.

Evanston police have increased their scrutiny of the liquor store recently. That prompted this tweet by Patch reader Matt Hoffman: "First the keg and now this? Sucks to be a kid now. RT @EvanstonPatch: Evanston Police are cracking down on underage patrons of E1 Liquors."

Hoffman was referring to another big crackdown on underage drinking in the city: the mayor's decision last month to revoke The Keg's liquor license.

Northwestern's SafeRide program is a free service that offers rides to people in the Northwestern community as an alternative to walking alone at night.


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