Officers in Fatal Shooting Cleared to Return to Work

There is no evidence that the officers acted improperly, according to Evanston Now.

A photo of the suspected bank robber from Bandit Tracker Chicago.
A photo of the suspected bank robber from Bandit Tracker Chicago.
The five Evanston Police Department officers who were put on administrative leave after the fatal shooting of a suspected bank robber and murderer last week have been cleared to return to work next week, according to Evanston Now.

Officers shot and killed Kevin Ross, 29, last week outside Bennison's Bakery after he was suspected of robbing a Chase Bank. Police later said that they found evidence linking Ross, an Evanston resident, with the shooting deaths of the two brothers at Evanston Pipe & Tobacco on July 30. Police found Mobeen, 34, and Azim, 38, dead from multiple gunshot wounds in the basement of the store, 923 Davis St. The two grew up in Evanston and took over running their father's store about 10 years ago, family members say.

According to the Evanston Now article, there is no evidence that the officers acted improperly. It is routine for officers involved in a shooting to be placed on administrative leave. The official investigation by state police is not yet complete.

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Jim December 28, 2013 at 11:26 AM
I suggest that readers read the story on Evanston Now as it is better written and non-biased. Whereas this post by the editor shows her bias that there is some subtle tone that the police officers did something wrong. It looks to me like the offender did something to get himself killed.


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