Police Arrest Evanston Teen in Connection With Wilmette Burglaries

Wilmette police charged the 18-year-old with burglary on Aug. 2.

Wilmette police arrested an Evanston teen Thursday in connection with two burglaries near the intersection of Prarie Avenue and Isabella Street, according to a press release. 

Tate Xavier Wuertz, 18, of 802 Brummel St., Evanston, was charged with burglary and taken to a bond court on Aug. 3. He was issued an Aug. 14 court date in Skokie. 

On Aug. 2, Wilmette police responded to a call of an unknown subject sitting in and rummaging through a vehicle near the intersection of Prairie Avenue and Isabella Street. The complainant confronted the subject, who fled the scene on foot and lost one of his shoes in the process. Police later recovered the shoe near the scene of the burglary. 

That same night, police responded to a call of a car “blacked out” without headlights attempting to leave the area near the burglary scene, police said. The officer conducted a traffic stop at Prairie Avenue and Isabella Street, and Wuertz was later identified by the complainant as the person burglarizing the vehicle, according to police. 

The Evanston teen was later tied to a second burglary that occurred next door to the original burglary. In both instances the vehicles were unlocked and Wuertz took loose change, police said. 

victoria smith August 04, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Really, loose change? This is the the third kid from Evanston that I know, that has been on the Evanston Patch who has committed a crime.Makes me sad when I remember what they were like in grade school and jr. high. Somewhere along the way they really got off the beaten path. What a waste of a future that could have had such promise. Their choice, their life. My heart goes out to their parents. Can't imagine their disappointment.
annie August 06, 2012 at 12:11 AM
It is sad of course, but? all is not lost at 18 when you commit a crime. Hopefully, the sentencing will help turn his life around whatever the consequences may be. It is his choice, and something good can come out of this.....to help get him back on the right path in life. So, don't give up on him yet....... His parents will live thru it. And, really? I don't know one set of parents, that didn't have one kid in the fold, who didn't do something REALLY dumb and stupid, and that includes being arrested for something. Some kids need to go thru these mistakes in life with high consequences, to turn themselves around.
Joanna Spilioti August 06, 2012 at 08:06 PM
The worrisome question is: "Why did he need the money? Is drug abuse behind it? " This is a plague for young people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.


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