Police Report Pattern of Residential Burglaries

Three homes were robbed on Noyes Street, Greenwood Avenue and Wesley Avenue in what appear to be a related set of burglaries, according to police.

Police believe a spate of burglaries that took place over the weekend in Evanston may be related, and are urging residents to be cautious.

Between Thursday, May 31, and Saturday, June 2, burglaries were reported the 2500 block of Noyes Street, in the 1300 block of Greenwood Avenue and in the 2100 block of Wesley Avenue, according to press release from Police Cmdr. Jason Parrott.

In each incident, the home was entered through an unlocked window during the late evening or overnight, and lap top computers, purses, cameras and jewelry were stolen. Skokie Police have also reported a similar string of burglaries, according to Parrott.

Police are asking residents to call 911 immediately if they observe a suspicious person or vehicle, and to provide a detailed description of what they've seen.

"The Evanston Police Department thanks the community for their cooperation in this endeavor of reducing all victims of crime by reporting incidents to police, taking precautions to prevent crime and communicating with your neighbors," Parrott said in the release.

He also offered the following tips for staying safe and protecting your home from burglary:

"Residents are encouraged to make sure windows, doors and gates are properly locked at night, garbage cans and recycling containers should not be left in close proximity to windows.  Shrubbery and bushes should not block window views and motion detection lights are highly recommended for doorways, garages and pathways.  If a resident will be out of town, please have a neighbor or nearby friend/relative watch your residence.

Unusual behavior, such as excessive dog barking or dark clothed subjects walking or parked in an alley that is out of the ordinary should be reported to police and investigated by a police patrol car. Burglars often travel in poorly lit areas on foot to investigate their victim’s residences before committing entry onto a victim’s property.  Additionally, when suspects are confronted by property owners, excuses are given in a friendly manner to the home owner, such as 'I am sorry, I thought I was at the right house' or something similar in nature."


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