Smoking Ruins Getaway and Dog Walkers Come to Blows

A look at unusual crimes in our Patch region this week.

A Niles store security agent saw a Des Plaines man steal several items, according to police. Two security agents tried to stop him, but he took off running. After going a short distance, he stopped to light up a cigarette and the agents were able to detain him, police said.

A man was walking his two dogs on a leash in a Deerfield park when he saw another man with his unleashed pet in the park. The first man approached the second man who “did not take kindly to being approached,” according to police. 

After they “briefly debated the matter” the second man landed a punch above the other man’s eye, according to the report. The assailant fled with his dog.

An 18-year-old Glenview girl was driving in Niles when a woman in her 30s in a black Cadillac SUV tried to turn into a parking lot. The 18-year-old was proceeding forward, and the woman in the Cadillac slammed on her brakes and began yelling and swearing at the 18-year-old, according to the police report. The teen swore back, police said, and pulled into a parking lot.

The woman in her 30s got out of her SUV and pull out a hammer and begin striking the victim’s vehicle, police said, then drove away.

A resident reported a street sign was removed from the corner of Maple and Elm streets in Winnetka.

Northfield police discovered a disturbance at a hardware store in the middle of the night. The store's plants and shrubbery had been tossed around the parking lot and onto Willow Road. Police said they saw two males running from the scene and stopped one of them, a 16-year-old from Northfield. He was cited for consuming alcohol and violating curfew.

A Lake Forest teenager called 911 in Northbrook to report that she could not walk or move her legs after consuming alcohol and smoking cannabis, police said. Police responded and took her to the hospital. 

Gregg Baker August 19, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Pity the poor Lake Forest girl who called the police because she was drunk and stoned and couldn't move. First, thank goodness for voice dialing. Second, had she been in Chicago and made that call it is likely the police would have come and stolen the rest of her marijuana.


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