U.S. Coast Guard: Foul Weather Ahead for Lake Michigan Swimmers

The U.S. Coast Guard issued an alert late Tuesday afternoon.

Keen on diving into Lake Michigan this week? The U.S. Coast Guard is advising swimmers to take caution in light of "very strong winds and dangerous sea conditions," according to a statement issued Tuesday afternoon.

"It's imperative that those who recreate on the Great Lakes exhibit personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of others," said Lt. Cmdr. Sean Brady, commanding officer of Sector Field Office Grand Haven, Mich, in the press release.  “Rip tides and rip currents can develop with little notice, and there are no visual indicators of these from the beach. Be sure to look for warning flags and signs indicating when you should stay out of the water.”

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Additionally, the Coast Guard has asked residents along the lake to "heed the warnings posted by the National Weather Service." You can subsribe to NWS alerts here.



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