City Says Goodbye, Good Luck to Ald. Jean-Baptiste

Ald. Lionel Jean-Baptiste went to his last city council meeting Monday night.

Alderman Lionel Jean-Baptiste (2nd Ward) said his final farewell to the Evanston City Council Monday evening, after serving for 10 years.

Each alderman said public goodbyes at the meeting, and representatives from city offices presented Jean-Baptiste with some goodbye gifts, including a framed picture, sweat pants, and a few various tote bags.

"Yeah we don’t agree a lot but that’s ok. I will miss your perspective," said Ald. Colleen Burrus (9th Ward). Burrus said having Jean-Baptiste on the council forced her to put extra work into studying issues so she'd be prepared to discuss them with him.

"You have my respect forever, I just hope I never have to come up here before you," Burrus said, referring to Jean-Baptiste's .

"I've been on a few councils and I don’t want you all to get big headed, but ... of all the councils this is the best ever," said Ald. Ann Rainey (8th Ward). "It is just the best mix of people, it really is. And Lionel, you’ve just really contributed to that."

Jean-Baptiste thanked his family, his ward, community activists, the media, and the city council during his final statements of the night.

"To the council, this has been a family," he said. "It really has been, and I will be going to work some place else, but you guys are always going to be my friends, the folks that I can call, and feel proud that I have been associated with you."


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