EPL Friends Finds Location for South Branch Outpost

The group is hoping to continue library services to southern Evanston after the branch closes on March 1.

The Evanston Public Library Friends has announced that they have identified a space for the temporary new outpost for the south branch library, which will close on March 1.

The new location will be at 900 Chicago Avenue, near Chicago and Main. The group said the landlord has issued a letter of intent, though the deal is subject to approval by the library board.

“We’re excited about the possibilities, and eager to get started with what we like to call ‘Extreme Library Makeover’,” said EPLF Board Member and former South Branch assistant, Marcia Mahoney, who heads the Neighborhood Outreach Committee for EPL Friends, in a press statement.  “It’s important to think of this as an ‘outpost,’ and therefore something different than the current library branches.” 

The Evanston Public Library south branch is closing due to budget cuts, though the Friends previously raised money to extend its life.

“We have raised quite a bit of money, all [individual donations] from Evanston citizens who support branch libraries. It’s out of respect for the patrons of South Branch,” said EPL Friends President Ellen Newcomer at the board meeting.

The next library board meeting will be held Feb. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the community meeting room at the main branch.


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