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Evanston Electric Car Charging Stations Planned to Open in Early June

Construction will begin April 16 and will likely last six weeks.

By the beginning of June, Evanston residents will likely have access to several new solar-powered, electrical-vehicle charging spaces at three locations around town.

I-Go, a Chicago-based nonprofit car sharing business, will begin building at three Evanston locations on April 16, and construction is expected to last six weeks. Each canopy will have four charging stations -- two to recharge I-Go owned low emission electric vehicles, which the company recently added to its fleet, and two where anyone driving an electric car can charge up for a fee.

The solar canopies will be located in parking lots three blocks west of the Central Street Metra station (Lot 3), behind the Evanston Public Library (Lot 4) and on Hinman Avenue just south of Main Street (Lot 32).

The three canopies combined will produce 200,000 kilowatt-hours annually, enough to power electric vehicles for 600,000 miles, according to the City of Evanston website. Earlier I-Go reports stated that each canopy will create an average of 30 to 35 kilowatt-hours per day.

“Transportation emissions are the third largest contributor of greenhouse gasses in the community and the I-Go car sharing program helps to reduce emissions, congestion on the road and parking demands,” said Catherine Hurley, sustainable programs coordinator for the City of Evanston, in a post on the city’s website.

I-Go for the solar canopies to the city during an August Transportation and Parking Committee meeting, and the City Council approved three locations for the venture in October. The project is part of I-Go’s larger plan to build 18 solar-canopy car rental stations for 36 electric cars in the Chicagoland area.

The I-Go solar canopies will reportedly be built at no cost to the City of Evanston, and I-Go will pay the city a fee for building on public parking spaces.

Evanston is currently home to eleven I-Go vehicles, though none are currently powered solely by electric motors. I-Go, like other car sharing programs, allows members to reserve cars at unmanned rental stations that are often single, sign-marked parking spaces located in the lots of frequented stores and other high-traffic destinations.

Members pick up and drop off a vehicle at its singular home location, unlock the car with their membership cards and the vehicle tracks the length of the journey, charging the customer’s linked-up credit card accordingly. I-Go members must be between 18 and 81, have a valid Illinois driver’s license, have no major moving violations and no more than two minor violations listed on their driving record for the past three years, and must link a valid credit card to their 

Richard Schulte April 13, 2012 at 02:04 PM
Ms. Hurley: “Transportation emissions are the third largest contributor of greenhouse gasses in the community and the I-Go car sharing program helps to reduce emissions, congestion on the road and parking demands,” said Catherine Hurley, sustainable programs coordinator for the City of Evanston, in a post on the city’s website." "Man-made global warming" is a hoax. "Climate science" is anything but science. In the last 2 years, plenty of documentation that "climate science" is actually "junk science" has been released. If "global warming" is occurring, the cause of the warming is the Sun, not humans. In history, "global warming" has occurred more than once. I seem to recall that North America was once covered by glaciers and that the Great Lakes were created by the retreat of glaciers (caused by global warming). All of this occurred millions of years prior to the "industrial revolution". How do you account for the retreat of the glaciers, i.e., "global warming", prior to the Industrial Revolution? There is only one obvious explanation-the Sun is responsible for changes in the temperature of the Earth. The increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide follows the warming of the Earth's atmosphere, not the other way around.
J C April 14, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Most people know little about solar evolution, Our Sun is in fact getting hotter. As it converts hydrogen to helium ( At a rate of 600 million tons a second ) The helium which is heaver sinks to the center of the core, And basically the resulting hydrogen reactions speed up. In as little as 500 million years the Sun will become just hot enough to evaporate the Earth's oceans. This will amount to the surface temp of the Earth to match what Venus is experiencing now (900 *F) ...Unfortunately we Humans are late bloomers here on Earth, As 90% of Earths habitable time has past already.
Richard Schulte April 14, 2012 at 03:11 PM
In a nutshell, discussions about reducing our "carbon footprint" is "crazy talk". It is the Sun that determines the climate on Earth, not human activity. Compared with 40 years ago when the EPA was created by Executive Order (by a Republican President, Richard Nixon), our air and water are much cleaner. Our cars get far better gas mileage and the fuel efficiency of our transportation continues to increase. We have sufficient hydro-carbon fuels to last for hundreds of years. In other words, all that "green" stuff you here is pretty much disinformation. The "green revolution" is about making money from fund-raising and gaining control of gov't by proponents of socialism. Our friend, Al Gore, has made billions on the environmental movement and jets around on private planes. Al Gore doesn't practice what he preaches-it's all about separating you from your money. In engineering terms: Fear = Money
lucas April 16, 2012 at 01:33 AM
I would think that the charging stations would be in garages located in Downtown Evanston. Since if people drive to their place of business in downtown Evanston they can charge the car while working. How much is the cost of a charge?
millie April 16, 2012 at 01:40 AM
This article failed to mention the number of parking places that will be lost at each of these lots. How much parking revenue is the city going to lose?


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