Evanston Green Living Festival Educates Residents on Eco-friendly Choices

Festival exhibitors educated residents on numerous ways to be greener in their everyday lives.

Evanston residents headed to the City’s Ecology Center Saturday for the fifth annual Evanston Green Living Festival.

The Evanston Environmental Association, a local nonprofit organization, co-presented the event with the City of Evanston with the hope of educating Evanstonians on new ways to be green minded in their everyday lives.

“The idea is to gather as many people from the Evanston community,” said Rick Nelson, vice president of the Evanston Environmental Associatoin, “and what we’re really looking to do is have people come, have some fun, basically look around and get exposed to different products and ideas, and then ultimately take those ideas and go home and out of the 80 exhibitors that they would be exposed to, hopefully they’re going to come away with something like three [or] five [or] six ideas that they can actually implement and try to take into their own lives, and live a greener lifestyle.”

Visitors had a wide range of topics to learn about. Among the 85 exhibitors were promoters of wind and solar energy, electric and solar powered transportation, green landscaping, eco-friendly architecture, salvaged building materials, ecological home insulation, an environmentally friendly cleaning service, green cleaning solutions, microfiber cleaning cloths, green detergent, solar powered LED lights, organic local produce, composting,  worm composting kits, mushroom growing kits, handbags made from recycled materials, a bike donation program and more.

Char November 06, 2011 at 11:06 PM
I am so ready for 2012. Great job to the organizers. It was great meeting and educating others on how we can all help the environment. Go Green!


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