First Ward Candidate Edward Tivador: Prioritize Safety and Security

School superintendent Edward Tivador is running his first campaign for election to the city council in the first ward.

School superintendent Edward Tivador is running for election to his first term on the Evanston city council in the first ward. Here are his answers to the questions we posed to Tivador and first ward incumbent Judy Fiske.

1. How long have you lived in Evanston/the 1st Ward?

I have lived in Evanston, and specifically the 1st Ward, for seven years.
2. What elected positions have you held previously? Have you ever run for office before?

I have not run for or held a public office previously.  I have, however, served on many appointed boards in a legislative capacity over the past 30 years.  Examples of my board positions include the Citizens’ Police Advisory Committee in Evanston (CPAC), North Suburban Special Education District (NSSED), and Education Research and Development (ED-RED).

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3. What would you say are your greatest accomplishments as Superintendent of Northbrook/Glenview School District 30 that would translate to serving as an alderman?

As Superintendent of Schools, I have restructured, reorganized and revitalized an already great school district into a world class public school system.  This has been accomplished through careful guidance, facilitation, and collaboration with highly engaged community members and staff.  This process has resulted in expanding programs and services in the face of dwindling resources while consistently delivering balanced budgets.  My focus is always on balancing the absolute highest level of performance with careful consideration to my responsibility to tax payers.  My executive role as superintendent translates directly to the important legislative role of an aderman in Evanston.
4. What do you think are the biggest issues for 1st Ward residents?  How would you address those?
The 1st Ward in Evanston is extremely complex and diverse.  The Ward includes precious historic residential and commercial properties, diverse multi-family residences, tremendous natural resources - including but not limited to Lake Michigan, plus a world-class university in Northwestern.  While on the surface, there appears to be competing interest in Ward 1, I believe that there are opportunities to find common ground.  I plan to nurture these opportunities by assembling individuals and groups of people to collaborate and seek solutions which will position Evanston for a healthy future. 

5. What are the biggest issues for Evanston as a whole?  How would you address those?
I feel the biggest issue in Evanston is ensuring the highest quality of life for all Evanstonians.  This starts with safety and security - which are among my highest priorities.  I plan to draw upon a core of community experts, including volunteers, local businesses and all institutions to work together toward that common interest.  I will seek information on best practices and work to implement a variety of programs and procedures in a systematic and cooperative manner.   I firmly believe that a safe and secure environment in Evanston directly translates to sustainable economic growth, and ultimately results in a quality lifestyle for all residents. 
6. How would you balance construction/expansion at Northwestern with community needs for preservation?
Northwestern is an integral part of the great City of Evanston.  Like all of our communities within Evanston, Northwestern is critical to the quality of life for Evanstonians.  While the properties owned by Northwestern may not generate property tax revenue, the staff, students and visitors do provide an important revenue stream to our city.  We must continue to be vigilant with respect to meaningful preservation, as well as to the neighbors surrounding the University.  I believe improved dialogue among 1st Ward residents, businesses and the University are critical to balancing all construction and expansion.  As 1st Ward Alderman, I will enthusiastically bolster the conversations to work toward common ground by all parties.
7. What do you offer that your competitor does not?
I have 30 years of leadership and management experience working with complex public organizations.   I have rich experience in public finance and public policy and have a documented track record of maximizing tax payers’ money.   I have played direct and successful leadership roles in other communities that are directly transferable to a position on City Council.  I have the experience, drive and desire to help make a grade “A” city into the A+ City of Evanston that I know it can be.

S Macnamara March 05, 2013 at 03:27 AM
Is this guy currently the Supt. of Dist. 30? If so, what is his salary? If not, what is he doing? Who is funding his election?
MZ March 05, 2013 at 06:53 AM
Apparently he still is Superintendant. So what? That means that he has experience supervising employees (unionized ones,too) , dealing with Federal and State regulations, servicing constituents (parents) , security, and budgets...and more. Is Judy Fiske still running her pet food/ dog grooming business? How much do you think that makes?
Jennifer Fisher March 06, 2013 at 10:33 PM
I can confirm that Tivador still works as superintendent of District 30, and Fiske still runs a pet supply store in Evanston.
Guy Handler March 30, 2013 at 06:03 PM
If he works at D30 he can not respond to any requests from residents or that of Evanston City Staff during his business day. Also, he will need to be at his own school board meetings which conflict with many city meetings. Not good for Evanston, not good for kids or parents in D30.


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