Former Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun to Speak at Chamber of Commerce Event

Mash Up! event will bring together community and business leaders.

Former US senator and ambassador Carol Moseley Braun will speak to business leaders in Evanston Wednesday evening at the Chamber of Commerce's Mash Up! event.  Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and a member of the Northwestern University Board of Trustees, Sona Wang, will also participate.

Organizers say that Mash Up! was created out of a need to bring together members of the local business community to help each other succeed.  About 20 Evanston businesses are sponsoring the event, which will cost $125 per person.

"We need to communicate with one another on an on-going basis. The Mash Up! is a first step in bringing businesses together for meaningful dialogue. As a group we need to shape, inform and define what we believe the business community can and should do right now," said Pat Hughes, president of Inclusion Solutions in Evanston.

The night will feature food, entertainment, and an awards ceremony to honor those who have made an impact in the business community.

Event speakers and award winners will also participate in a Mash Up  Dialogue, which will be dedicated to bringing new ideas and energy to the attending business leaders.

The Mash Up! will be held at Northwestern University beach on Sept. 15 at 5:30 p.m. with cocktails followed by dinner.


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