Keg Remains Open As Legal Battle Drags On

After the city of Evanston revoked the Keg’s license in January, the bar appealed the ruling to the state, which sent the matter back to the city in May. Lawyers for the Keg appealed the state’s ruling in June.

Several appeals by lawyers for the Keg mean the city of Evanston’s hands are tied in the matter of the bar’s liquor license, which was after multiple incidences of underage drinking.

Bar owner Tom Migon to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in March; the court to Evanston for review. But earlier this month, Migon’s lawyer filed another appeal to that ruling. 

“The ball is still in the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s court to entertain and rule on the Keg’s motion,” city attorney Grant Farrar explained at a meeting of the Evanston liquor control review board Monday. 

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While the Keg was shut down after the city revoked its license, the bar since Migon filed his first appeal in March. 

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said she was not aware of any reported violations while the Keg was open. Evidence presented against the bar when the license was revoked included 111 alcohol-related ordinance citations since 2005. 

Some members of the liquor control board said they felt frustrated that the case was stuck at the state level while the bar remained open. 

“It feels weird that we as a liquor control commission can’t take action,” said board member Patrick Hughes. “It’s too long of a period of time.” 

Farrar said an appeal like the Keg had just made was “unusual” in a matter like this one. 

“It was unexpected,” he said.



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