Partisan Politics Evaporate On Fourth Of July

What Independence Day parades taught Kirk, Schakowsky, Dold and others.

Partisanship gave way to patriotism when elected officials and political candidates gathered on the Fourth of July at various local parades.

, Rep), as well as candidates for Congress and local members of the Illinois General Assembly discussed how Independence Day unites Americans, even in difficult economic times, as they prepared to march Monday.

“It’s very important for people to feel up this year,” Kirk said at the Northbrook Fourth of July parade, where he went after marching in Oak Lawn and Downers Grove. “It’s a good opportunity to show patriotism when we need it."

Hanging onto the American Dream

Schakowsky, who walked in Des Plaines and Skokie Monday, saw a firsthand example of American optimism while nearing the end of the Evanston parade. 

“A couple came up to me at the end of the parade who said they were having trouble keeping their home,” Schakowsky said. “They told me ‘We’re going to keep going, we’re going to keep the faith.’ People have doubts but they’re celebrating America. They’re hanging onto the American dream.” 

said the Fourth of July was a time to help the community come together. 

“If you look at class history during a down economy, people have been known to turn against each other,” Biss said at Skokie’s parade. “We have to do all we can to help people come together as a community.” 

Dold sees celebration of American independence as a time partisanship can be shelved for patriotism, regardless of economic times. 

“Celebrating our country’s independence helps us all come together on a good day for everyone,” Dold said, sporting what he called a “tarmac tan” just before his fifth parade of the day at Northbrook. “Everyone came out on a good day.” 

Getting out there

Deerfield management consultant , a candidate for the Democratic nomination to oppose Dold’s for the 10th Congressional seat, has learned the economic difficulties people face as he meets more and more of them. 

“I spoke to a couple in Glenview where the husband had been out of work for two years," Schneider said. "Unless you get out there you don’t have an idea."

He thinks embracing those around you by celebrating the Fourth of July is part of the cure. 

“People have to work as community to help one another."

, a community organizer from Waukegan and another candidate for the Democratic nomination, walked in Highland Park and Deerfield Monday. He echoed Schneider's sentiment.

“This is a time for the community to celebrate America,” Sheyman said.  

saw the Fourth of July as a catharsis for people struggling with a tough economy.

“People seemed happy to be out here,” Garrett said at Northbrook, her last parade of the day. “They seemed able to put away all their troubles.”

tate Rep. Karen May (D-Highland Park) said that walking through five parades allowed her to hear what's on her constituents' minds.

“It’s a great day for five parades,” May said at Northbrook after walking in Lake Bluff, Highland Park, Deerfield and Glencoe. “People were having a great time.”

was happy to celebrate the holiday at home. 

“This is a great day for our country and I’m glad to be here in my hometown of Northbrook,” said Nekritz, who entertained the crowd with cartwheels along the parade route. 

) walked with supporters in the Skokie and Morton Grove parades. He was pleased with the outing. 

“It’s a beautiful day,” Lang said at Skokie. “We couldn’t ask for anything better.” 

Supporters at hand

Sam Mendelson of Deerfield followed Schneider through all three parades. The American University freshman was in sixth grade when Schneider was his baseball coach.

“I wasn’t very good, but when I got my first hit he emailed my dad,” Mendelson recalled.

Charlene Foss, president of the Republican Women of Park Ridge, first got to know Dold when they went to law school together. 

“He represents my values," Foss said, "I want to walk for him any chance I get.” 

It was Dold's first parade as a member of Congress and Kirk's first Fourth of July as a United States Senator. Kirk was quick to point out how his role has changed with his expanded constituency. 

"We were in Oak Lawn and Downers Grove. Later this month we will be at the Arcola Broom Corn Parade," Kirk said. "I mention this because it shows the diversity of Illinois.”

Stay tuned for more photos and video of local elected officials at Independence Day parades.

Richard Schulte July 06, 2011 at 03:24 PM
Hmmm. . . why is it that some in our country hate rich people? Ever get a job from a homeless person? "Trickle down economics" is far better than the alternative, "trickle up poverty". Look at where socialism is practiced. Take Cuba for example. Castro took over a prosperous nation and delivered nothing but poverty and misery. Take Venzuela as another example-Chavez, like Castro, is in the process of destroying the economy of a once prosperous nation. One more example-take Detroit. Detroit was once a jewel of a city-just 60 years ago. Now look at it. Chicago is well on its way to becoming Detroit. Cutting taxes for everyone works every time its tried. President Kennedy cut taxes for everyone in the early 1960's and spurred the US economy. President Reagan took Kennedy's idea and used it to usher in 30 years of prosperity. Why do you think that Texas is doing so well in this miserable economy? No state income tax. Why do you think that California, New York and Illinois are doing so poorly? High taxes. Giving poor folks a hand-out robs them of their dignity. Giving poor folks a real job, not a government job, gives poor folks a sense of pride. Hand-ups, not hand-outs. Want this recession to be over? Repeal Obamacare and cut taxes. That ain't going to happen as long as President Obama is in office. That means the recession will continue until election day in 2012. If President Obama is defeated, the recession will be over on election day.
RonnieTheLimoDriver July 06, 2011 at 03:57 PM
Germany is doing quite well, and so is China. One is arguably a socialist country and the other Communist. Making the point that socialism destroys everything it touches ignores a great deal of facts. Also, socialism is not an economic system, it’s a social system, so putting it in the context of the current economic crisis does not seem to make a lot of sense. It seems to be a very popular move to call the President a "socialist" and with that a comes a lot of ignorant fear. I dont think that is an accurate description of the president, but even if it is, its not what you or the other far right wingers really mean. To say the President is soley responsible for this econmic train-wreck shows that you have very little knowledge of economics and how it plays out. First, you even acknowledge that the recession was inherited, so how can he be solely responsible? Second, you do understand that all economies go through cycles, and the government cannot control this, correct? Finally, economic policies take many years to actually impact the economy, so even if the President is making a lot of bad decisions, they would not surface for years. The current problems are actually a product of 20 years of bad policies by both dems. and republicans. The lack of regulation on financial institutions is what caused the recession, not anything the President did. If the president did such a bad job, why is the Dow back at record levels? Why are corporate profits at record highs?
Richard Schulte July 06, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Mr. The LimoDriver, there isn't enough space to respond to all of your points. Suffice it to say, you are mainly incorrect. You are correct in your statement, however, that most policies do not immediately affect the economy-there are two notable exceptions. One exception is the "Stimulus Bill" of February 2009 and the other is Obamacare. Obamacare, in particular, killed the economy. Let me just address your last point. The Dow is not back to record levels, or even near the record levels. Since the dollar is worth less, the Dow would have to far exceed its previous high to be at the same level. It's called inflation brought about by the "Stimulus Package" and Fed policy of printing money to expand the money supply and pay for the "Stimulus Package". A dollar is not worth what it was in October 2007. When I was a child, gasoline was 19 cent per gallon (1960's) and in October 1976 you could buy a Toyota Corolla for $3,300, including sales tax, in Evanston. (I did.) Today gasoline is $4/gallon and a Toyota Corolla costs $18 thousand or more. Not all of the price increases in Toyota Corollas is due to inflation. Much of the price increase in cars has to do with emission control and safety features, but you probably get the drift of the effects of inflation. Who caused in recent wave of inflation-the Pres and Helicopter Ben Bernacke. If you don't understand the effects of inflation, you don't understand economics.
RonnieTheLimoDriver July 06, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Please provide an objective link showing overall price inflation between now and Oct. 2007. For many of those years, most economists were worried about deflation. You do remember that Bush was a part of the stimulus package as well? You do remember that B.B. was put into office by Bush as well, right? I get inflation just fine, its just not relevant in this discussion. Obamacare is a red herring to distract you and other voters from the real issues impacting our country.
Richard Schulte July 06, 2011 at 06:21 PM
Mr. TheLimoDriver, the price of commodities, such as gold, silver, oil, steel, copper etc., are good indicators of inflation. Surely, you have heard that the price of gold measured in dollars has increased. The same thing with the price of a barrel of oil. The Saudis want more dollars for their oil because a dollar is worth less. Don't blame them. No need for me to do your research for you, but try going to the grocery store. Compare prices and then compare the size of the package. Companies don't increase prices, they reduce the size of the package hoping that you won't notice. That's inflation. Obamacare is the most important issue of our day. Once the Government gets a hold of your health care, then they can deny you health care if you don't tow the Party line. Obamacare is all about control of the populace. (It's called the Chicago Way.) That's what socialism is all about-controlling the populace.


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