Put Down That Phone, Evanston Drivers! Penalties are Getting Stiffer

Fines for riding a bike on sidewalks in certain areas are also going up.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

The Evanston City Council voted Monday to increase the fine for using a cell phone while driving from the current $50 to $75.

Evanston Patch took a look at cell phone violations in Evanston last summer. At that time, police had issued more than 7,000 tickets since the ordinance’s inception in March 2010, and had collected more than $90,000 in revenue.

Bikers breaking the rules will also have to dole out more cash. The City Council upped the penalty for riding on the sidewalk in the central business district and other areas where signs explicitly prohibit it from $15 to $25.

Do you think the new fines are fair?


Jordan S. Zoot June 25, 2014 at 09:23 AM
The fine for texting on a cellphone while driving should be increased to $500...or better yet do away with the local ordinance and treat texting while driving the SAME as DUI with an automatic license suspension for the first offense. That behavior gets people maimed and killed.


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