Residents Fighting to Block Advisory Township Dissolution Vote

Wednesday night meeting meeting resulted in letter being sent to Cook County Clerk.

A group of residents fighting to keep Evanston Township intact gathered Wednesday night at a "sometimes chaotic" meeting to protest the advisory question on the March 20 ballot asking people if they want to dissolve the entity, according to an article in Evanston Now.

The City Council s on the March ballot. They approved the move 5-4 after the question of putting a binding resolution on the ballot failed.

If the township is dissolved, the city would assume all its responsibilities, which include levying taxes, administering a general assistance program and assisting residents with property tax assessments. The move could save about half a million dollars, according to the City Council.

The Daily Northwestern reported that more than 40 people attended Wednesday night's meeting, which ended with a decision to send a letter of objection to both the Evanston Township board and the Cook County Clerk's Office.

Because the ballots are already printed, the issue is really one of whether the votes will be counted.

Read the full Evanston Now article here.

Read the full Daily Northwestern story here.

Tom Fischl February 26, 2012 at 02:04 PM
The Township meeting on Wednesday night had little to do with dissolving the Township. It had to do with transparency, the rule of law, voter rights, potential violations of the Open Meetings Act, Free Speech, disenfranchisement of voters, and potential corruption with city Government. I was there and I saw it. The meeting started off by not being televised (on purpose), the agenda was not published to the public before hand, and the Evanston city council (Trustees) attempted to have a politically connected outside attorney try and control the meeting. I personally videotaped the meeting and it is haunting to watch. I would have given the video to EMC to be shown on local cable, but I gave it instead to the attorney representing the citizens of the Township. What happened Wednesday night was about Democracy, the will of the people, and the ‘Evanston Machine’ getting a can of Whoop Ass by the little people. I strongly recommend to those who either care about Evanston or the poor follow this story closely to the end. It certainly will affect your daily life one way or another. Padma, Kevin, Betty, Mary, a couple of others who spoke (especially Mr. Cannon) should all be considered American heroes and not be vilified the way they have by members of the machine. Democracy is on its way back to Evanston and the machine politicians who try to prevent it will be held accountable by either the Feds. lawsuits, or in the next election.
Emily Stone (Editor) February 27, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Thanks for your comment, Tom. Please let me know if you'd be interested in writing a letter to the editor about this issue.
fishman March 15, 2012 at 02:33 PM


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