Two More Candidates File for Aldermanic Bids

A pair of candidates get their names on the ballot at the last moment in advance of April 2013 election.

Municipal elections can sometimes be rather pedestrian affairs, but that apparently will not be the case in the forthcoming election in Evanston.

Two candidates filed at the last moment Wednesday in hopes of joining the City Council and defeating the incumbent aldermen of their respective wards. They join two others who are also making upstart bids. The challengers are officially James Dyer, Edward Tivador, Mark Sloane and Thomas Just.

Candidates had until 5 P.M. Wednesday to file the required signatures to get a place on the ballot for the April 2013 election.

Dyer, whose listed profession is an eponymous home improvement company, filed the signatures with the city clerk to challenge Peter Braithwaite in the Second Ward.

“I’ve been living in this town for 42 years,” Dyer said. “I’m a businessman, a landlord and I have two children and grandchildren. We want a safe neighborhood and we can make the budget balanced.”

Dyer, who was born in Jamaica, is concerned about the price of parking in the central business district in his bid to unseat Braithwaite.

“One of my main positions is to remove the parking meters from downtown so whoever comes to Evanston can park their car anywhere without getting a ticket,” Dyer added.

The other challenger who filed signatures on Wednesday was Tivador in the first ward as he will be taking on incumbent Judy Fiske.

Contact information for Tivador could not be found late Wednesday afternoon.

As Patch has previously reported, Aldermen Mark Tendam in the sixth ward will square off against Mark Sloane and Alderman Ann Rainey will have to fight back a challenge from Thomas Just in the eighth ward to hold on to her seat.

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, City Clerk Rodney Greene, Alderman Melissa Wynne (3rd), Donald Wilson (4th), Delores Holmes (5th), Jane Grover (7th) and Colleen Burrus (9th) will not face opposition for another term.

Township Supervisor and Assessor

Gary Gaspard and Keith Banks remain the only candidates for Township Supervisor. Former Assessor Sharon Eckersall will not be opposed in her bid to reclaim the office she lost in 2009.

District 65

Only incumbent Tracy Quattrocki desired to run again for the District 65 board, leaving three slots open. Quattrocki along with Candance Chow, Claudia Garrison and Peter Kaplan had all filed previously and a lottery will be held to determine the order of their names on the ballot since they filed simultaneously. Sunith Kartha of Evanston also provided the necessary paperwork to make a run.

District 202

No last second candidates emerged in the race for the board at Evanston Township High School. Incumbents Gretchen Livingston and Deborah Graham will be vying with Casey Miller, Elena Garcia Ansani, Andrew Bezaitis, Patricia Savage-Williams, Doug Holt and Bill Geiger to remain on the board.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Sharon Eckersall was the incumbent. She is the former assessor.

Festus McMoron December 27, 2012 at 01:15 PM
...."remove the parking meters from downtown so whoever comes to Evanston can park their car anywhere without getting a ticket,” Dyer added. Right. So all the people who work downtown, park in all those spots, don't move their cars all day, and there will be spaces for all those people coming to evanston. This guy just lost my vote right there. If this is the way he thinks, what will he think of next. next canidate, please.
lucas December 27, 2012 at 01:43 PM
All the city does is raise parking fees and uses that money to buy land and create more parking lots. Lots of property tax revenue lost.
Lonson Williams December 27, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Dyer sounds like he is in over his head. His wife made a similarly ill-informed comment to Council before last year's referendum on electricity aggregation asserting that passage would result in "poor people" having their electricity cut off. In reality the aggregation referendum allowed the city to get a better deal from electricity providers and if you don't want to get the better rate, you can always opt-out. Not saying that the candidate necessarily agrees with his wife, but these folks don't have a good grasp on reality. http://evanstonnow.com/story/government/bill-smith/2012-01-31/47595/referendums-fear-of-change


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