VIDEO: Mathias: I Do Not Support Lisa Stone

State Rep. Sid Mathias delivered remarks Monday night at Buffalo Grove's Village Board meeting.

State Rep. Sid Mathias (R-Buffalo Grove) said Monday night he wanted to make something clear.

“I do not support Lisa Stone,” he told Buffalo Grove officials and an audience of citizens who gathered for the Village Board meeting. “There is no collaboration between us. I have never supported her political agenda nor her methods or behavior at Village Board meetings. She is not now nor has she been affiliated with my campaigns for many years.” (See attached video for complete remarks.)

Stone, who was elected as a Buffalo Grove trustee in spring 2009 and , has remained vocal in government affairs as a self-described community watchdog, frequently engaging in online debates and sparring with elected officials during board meetings. She has recently praised Mathias, who served as her honorary campaign co-chairman, for not backing her recall. In online comments, she wrote that she'd campaign for his re-election this year.

“As State Representative and as the former mayor of Buffalo Grove, I have learned that our democracy and effective local government rely on open, intelligent and solution-oriented discussions of important issues,” Mathias said Monday night. “In addition, there can be no place for character assassination and name-calling directed at public officials, and a refusal by any citizen to follow the courtesies that allow our model of government to work successfully is unacceptable.”

Mathias said “a combination of things,” prompted him to respond publicly, from Jeff Berman, Steve Trilling, Beverly Sussman, Mike Terson, Andy Stein, Les Ottenheimer and Janet Sirabian. 

“More importantly, that my opponent is trying to make political hay out of it,” Mathias said.

Some residents received fliers over the weekend from supporters of State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) who is running against Mathias in the 59th District race this fall. The flier featured a photo of Mathias with Stone along with excerpts from the letter to the editor. The heading declared, “We need more answers and fewer questions from Career Politician Sid Mathias on recalled Trustee Lisa Stone.”

Some who signed the letter, which was scribed by elected officials who said they were writing only as citizens, said Monday that they were satisfied by Mathias’ response.

“Yes,” said Sirabian. “I just wish it had been done a long time ago.” 

“I think he made his position very clear tonight,” Ottenheimer said. “It should end this issue for all. It shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with.”

“I want to see a race that’s based on real issues, and Lisa Stone became a distraction,” Stein said.

“I feel it’s a shame that our residents have to choose between two representatives that have done a good job for Buffalo Grove,” he added. “Now we can focus on real issues.”

Stone, who attended Monday’s meeting, expressed disbelief as Mathias delivered his remarks. “I am absolutely, positively at a loss for words,” she said later. “There are no good men left.”

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Mark Bushey October 02, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Rita was suffering? She was laughing at you and cracking jokes every time you went up to the podium. I was sitting right next to her most of the night. She was only suffering because you started screaming at her.
RELENTLESSCRITIC October 02, 2012 at 05:04 PM
Lisa's A Liar- You bring up a good point, but as you already know, Double standards are a central theme in her behavior. I won't re-hash Stone's campaign tactics again- we've been down that road many times- but let's just say that she certainly was no role model for civil behavior in campaigns. I'm glad Sente's people sent out that flier. I certainly want to know what kind of company a candidate keeps. Says a lot about their judgement and character- or lack thereof. Stone's just pissed because the flier blatantly points out exactly how toxic her past relationship with Mathias is to his reputation. Sente knew it would provoke post-traumatic stress disorder and nightmares in BG voters by reminding them of all the chaos and damage Stone created when she was an inept trustee, and all the waste and disruption she's still causing as a so-called "Community Activist". Even Mathias' very strong attempt to distance himself from Stone isn't working so well, as Stone continues to sully his reputation by making comments such as the ones in this thread. He can't seem to extricate himself from the anchor around his neck. As I've said several times since July, every time Stone posts something on here, Mathias loses more votes. I guess that's the price he has to pay, even after he did the best he could to sever ties with her.
Sandy Klein October 02, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Wait, isn't that just part of her stand up routine? Anyone who followed the election knows what she did.
Sandy Klein October 02, 2012 at 06:59 PM
"Days before the meeting when Sid caved, I was actually with Sid & Rita at his friend's home in my neighborhood where I was invited to join him to support him...again. That is the night that he asked me not to FB or Patch post, given what Sente was doing with the Stone-Mathias fliers to him. But, he was very clear that I should tell my friends to vote for him. I left with 2 signs and the next thing I know, without warning, Sid caved at the September 10th meeting. Now you understand how it all went down. There is more but I'd rather not knock Sid, as somehow I feel bad for the position that he was put in, though not by me. It's not easy for me to dislike someone that I once had respect for, so for now I'll let it be, as he could be the better leader, but he has to hold his ground in the future. Sente should be ashamed of herself and so should Sid. I've never played dirty politics so the whole situation truly disgusts me, but doesn't change who I am. Just them." Oh, fruit loop, you're the gift that just keeps giving, aren't you? You continue to make poor old Sid look bad. And based on that, I, like a lot of my neighbors, have a Carol Sente sign on my lawn.
Xander Crews October 24, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Wow. Epic dis. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, yo. Word.


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