What Do You Think About the Township Referendum?

The question of whether the township should be dissolved is one of three referendum questions on the March 20 ballot.

Evanston has three referendum questions on its March 20 ballot — one on the , one on , and one on electrical aggregation.

Those first two questions seem to have touched a nerve with residents, so we wanted to start a dialogue on the site for those who feel passionately about the issues and those who are still undecided.

Today, we're asking about the township dissolution. Please vote in our poll and then share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tomorrow we'll look at the District 65 building question.


Here's the exact wording of the ballot question:

Should the Evanston Township Board continue to pursue the issue of dissolving Evanston Township?

The city says that folding the municipal and township governments into one . A group of , upset both at the loss of the township government and with what they see as a lack of government transparency on the issue.

What do you think?

Kevin O'Connor March 13, 2012 at 02:48 PM
The COE's attempt to dissolve the Evanston Township is so full of conflicts of interest and misinformation brought to the residents/voters of Evanston Township that it is difficult to know where to begin the discussion on this hot button issue. First, some facts: 1) COE's assertion that the "same level of services will be provided" . This is false on 2 levels. There is no way that 1 governmental unit taking over another governmental unit will provide the same level of services. It is impossible. Secondly, go to the COE website and look up Ordinance 3-T-R-11 (a binding referendum ordinance that was not passed) which lays out that the COE will have a COE employee at a window to help direct you to computers that will be self service to the Cook County offices that handle property taxes & General Assistance. Also, its hard to believe that the COE (which is bankrupt) would like to see any resident win their property tax appeal since the COE doesn't want to lose any revenue. Conflict of interest! 2) This is nothing more than a cash grab by the COE, which already diverts money from different funds to plug holes elsewhere in the FY budget. Our City Manager has publicly claimed that there was an excess of 400k last year in the Township budget that was voluntarily given to the COE to plug a budget hole. Not only is this questionable as to its legality, but the Evanston Political Machine always puts its party hack candidates on the ballot for Township positions. Stop the Machine please.
J March 14, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Can someone please enumerate what functions are provided by Township government? I have yet to see that anywhere.
Kevin O'Connor March 14, 2012 at 03:12 PM
J, The Township provides 3 basic services as provided by State of Illinois Statute: 1) Tonship Assessor provides help with property tax issues and appeals. 2) General Assistance is provided by the Township Supervisor. 3) Job training is also provided by the Township Supervisor. Please note that the Township Assessor & Supervisor positions are elected positions. For more information, please go to the State of Illinois website and search "township statute". There are many more functions that are done in more downstate or rural townships than are done in the Chicago metro townships. That being said the COE's question of dissolving the Township of Evanston will result (contrary to the COE's biased misinformation campaign) in less services to the residents, a conflict of interest in that the COE who raises your taxes and cannot afford to see them go down due to our unproclaimed bankrupt fiscal state resulting in a desire to see no property taxes go down, there is no 500k in total savings to the taxpayers according to the COE's own documents and finally the cash that the City would control if they get their hands on the Township would not go to those services or those most in need, they would go to the COE to plug holes in the City's budget, as they do constantly by taking money from one fund and putting it into another fund. It's kind of like a shell game and they prefer non-transparency. Our City Manager just publicly stated that the Township freely gave 400k to the COE . Why?
millie March 18, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Democratic Party of Evanston says to VOTE YES
Kevin O'Connor March 18, 2012 at 05:00 AM


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