What's on Monday's City Council Agenda?

Here's what to expect at city hall tonight.

1. Budget.
Expect a lot of time at this week's meeting to be dedicated to budget issues. This week there will be "formal, legally required hearings on the budget" according to the , and the council will discuss designation of four areas that will be priority goals on the upcoming budget. Additionally, the administration and public works committee will introduce tax levy ordinances. "These ordinances will be amended to reflect any changes as appropriate before later adoption. The general budget discussion is scheduled as a special order of business at the conclusion of all other business," according to the city.

2. The administration and public works committee will also announce the winners of the “Paint Evanston Plows” contest.

3. Consideration of ordinance regarding licensing of rental units.
This issue would require a $26 per unit licensing fee for rental property owners and gives the city the right to refuse issuing permits due to violations. The city will inspect all rental units once every four years, according to the proposal. This issue has been controversial among students at Northwestern University, who say it is intended to crack down on properties that place more than three students in a unit. Read more about that issue and

4. Consideration of amendments to code regarding Marijuana use.
This issue was approved to go to council last week in committee with full support. It would reduce penalties for possession of a small amount of marijuana. Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said last week that the goal of the amendment would be to help the city's youth get jobs, as the current code may leave them with a criminal record making it difficult to find employment. Read more about that issue .

5. A number of items from the Housing and Community Development Act and Economic Development Committees on consent.

Download the entire Agenda here (.pdf format).

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