Do You Pay More in Tolls Than Drivers in Other States Pay?

Do Illinoisans pay more or less in tolls on Illinois toll roads than they would have to in other states?

"There are no wrong roads to anywhere." -The Phantom Toollbooth

In Illinois, there are no phantom tollbooths, only real ones. As a result that quote can be viewed in the context that while there are no wrong roads to anywhere, there are roads that will cost you more than other ones to travel on.

Toll roads. In Illinois, we have our share of them. The 10 different ones we have in the state is tied for the seventh-highest figure in the United States. We have just over 376 miles of toll roads.

But do Illinoisans pay more in tolls in Illinois than drivers do in other states? We've got the average median tolls listed for all 50 states so you can compare and find out if you're getting ripped off while driving in that I-PASS lane or if it really is more expensive in other states.

If you want to get off the toll road and take a back road, you'll definitely pass by some diners, drive-ins and dives. We've highlighted those establishments that have appeared on Guy Fieri's show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." Try not to get hungry while reading through that list...it's impossible to do.

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