Did You Know These 10 Goods Were Made in Illinois?

We've got a list of 10 cool things manufactured in Illinois.

In Illinois, manufacturing accounts for 12 percent of the state's total economic output. But what types of goods are being manufactured in Illinois?

If you thought of farm equipment, good for one. With both Caterpillar and John Deere headquartered in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln is a big-time producer of farm equipment.

But would you have also guess Illinois is a producer of sunglasses and tortillas? It's true. Maui Jim sunglasses are based in Peoria, while El Milagro Tortillas have been made in Chicago since 1950.

What are some other interesting goods manufactured in Illinois? We've got the list of 10 here for you.

Speaking of goods "manufactured" in Illinois, we've got a list of 15 famous (some are infamous) people born in downstate Illinois.

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Jack John May 16, 2014 at 05:25 PM
LOL speaking of Christianity. You mean like those catholic (Christian) priests and their little boy toys? LOL. Keep living in your own magical "bubble". People dont care because it doesn't effect them. Why does it matter if 2 dudes get married? Does it effect me? NO. Does it effect you? NO. Does it effect anyone? NO, so no one cares! Not that hard to understand I know. Can't really dumb it down anymore for ya. You just cant fix stupid I guess. You came from a generation that was told what was wrong and right. I feel bad for you and I somewhat understand that if you grew up being told what to think and do, it becomes all you know but unfortunately, its not how it works today and it will never go back, EVER.
Eric Blair May 16, 2014 at 05:36 PM
Wow. Freedom equals unlimited abortions and homo’s getting married? Are you kidding us Jack John? More educated? Modern American society has never been so unthinking/unresponsive as now. People can form their own opinions? Are you serious? Sure, as long as their opinion is pre-approved. That to you is Freedom? Man, your definition of Freedom ain’t mine or anyone else whose brain is at least half working. You don’t know what Freedom is. Let’s see: We got Homeland Security to keep us in line. Fourth Amendment? Gone. 2nd Amendment constantly under attack. We’re under constant surveillance outside our homes as well as NSA surveillance on-line/or phone. Overhead drone surveillance just getting started. As is facial recognition. Don’t forget ALPR ( Automated License Plate Recognition) when we’re driving, always being monitored. But only when we’re not being compliance checked at the random roadside “safety” check. A corrupt and unaccountable government that arbitrarily enforces our laws, but only when the executive branch isn’t just making up new laws to suit its needs. Torture? Yeah, that’s legal now, officially. “Patriot Act”. Pretty much allows “Feds” to do whatever they want. “NDAA” (National Defense Authorization Act) allows indefinite detention without charge or lawyer with discretion of the executive branch along with targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens with no oversight other than the executive branch. Forced vaccinations must mean Freedom as well. Guess that would fall under “raising families how they choose”. Right. As long as they do as they’re told. A government with so many secrets (from us) they can’t be counted. Senator Rand Paul recently questioned just who does the CIA work for? No one is saying. Pat downs now common place. Permits. Don’t do it without obtaining government permission first. And what else? And you equate this with Freedom? Wow, it’s worse than I thought. Need a strong drink.
seer. May 16, 2014 at 08:22 PM
Jack John- the percentage of children being molested and abused is actually much higher in the public school system in the US than in the Catholic Church but that does not fit in with the liberal media's desire to destroy organized religion and replace it with worship of the state- you know- like the Communists.
Jack John May 16, 2014 at 09:22 PM
Eric, Thanks for your contribution. I actually agree with you on pretty much just about everything. I'm glad you see some of the actual issues that Americans should be concerned about. If you read the comment above from Seer, you can how I was pointing his ignorance out over his silly qualms (gay marriage, religion, abortion, etc) he is so caught up in petty bs that he doesn't see the big picture. Who the cares about those issues, when u got NSA watching EVERYTHING BY EVERYONE, corporations buying our country, a military powerhouse 10xs bigger than countries combined, "energy" companies drilling and polluting our land with dangerous chemicals, politicians so corrupt that aren't even hiding it, a drug war that has caused more damage than good. Nope let's complain about two dudes kissing. Yea that's what we should be concerned about. No they are ignorant as f. They don't see where this heading but instead they look backwards. Gay marriage shouldn't be the lady thing we should worried about. These are the kind of people that are in charge of this country. They have sold us out to the highest bidder. But let's talk about gay marriage. I got my sht straight, can speak for the rest of the morons.
Jack John May 16, 2014 at 09:31 PM
Just to add, you sure a sht won't find any of the issues either Eric or I mentioned on any right winged Fox News bs but you will find most if all on HuffPost. Those damn liberal hippies right?! The hypocrisy!


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