D65 Board Wants State to Change Concealed Carry Law

The board is petitioning the state to make carrying a concealed gun illegal anywhere on school property, including in vehicles.

The District 65 school board is petitioning the state to change the new concealed carry law so that concealed weapons would be banned anywhere on school grounds, including in vehicles which is currently permitted, according to an article in Evanston Now.

The board sent a letter to the Illinois General Assembly voicing its “strong concern” about the law as it stands, according to the article, which printing the letter.

You can read the full Evanston Now article and the letter to the general assembly here.

What do you think? Should weapons be allowed in vehicles on school grounds?

Evans May 20, 2014 at 11:16 AM
Makes your head hurt right "Jay Z".. those psychosomatic tendencies of yours, probably have you, naked, sweaty, definitely paranoid ..No wonder the ISP revoked your FOID LOL go back to hugging your "Charlton Heston autographed 8x10...in that dark corner & remember,1 of your "opponents" as not like the other...
Evans May 20, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Hello...Evans..@Evanston LOL scan those 847,224 maybe 872 Zoot you're a "Hoot"... barking up the wrong tree & pissing on your own leg ..per usual


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