District 202, Teachers’ Union Agree on Contract

Board unanimously approved new contract, which includes salary increases averaging 2.67 percent over four years and no change to workforce numbers.

The District 202 board and the school’s teachers union have agreed to a new, four-year contract that includes salary increases for teachers and no change in the number of teachers. 

On Monday night, the board of education approved the contract in a 5-0 vote, according to a press release from the district. The Evanston Township Teachers’ Council had already ratified the contract with 88 percent approval of its 252 members on Wednesday, June 6. 

The new, four-year contract goes into effect on July 1 and expires in June of 2016. School officials say that in light of the current environmental climate, the contract includes sacrifices by both the district and faculty. 

“This four-year contract reflects the hard work and commitment of the two negotiating teams to construct and agree on a fair and affordable settlement during tight economic times,” Superintendent Eric Witherspoon said in the release.

The first year of teacher salaries will be frozen at 2011-12 wages, with no step increases based on years of experience, according to the press release. Faculty will receive a one-time payout of $1,500, however. Under the second year of the contract, faculty will receive a 1 percent increase to the base of the salary schedule, plus step increases.

Increases based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) kick in during the last three years of the contract, with 50 percent CPI in the year three and 75 percent CPI in year four. Teachers will also receive step increases in both those years. 

All told, the increases will raise teacher salaries by an average of 2.67 percent over four years.

"I believe that we were able to reach an agreement that honors both the tremendous work of our talented faculty and enables the district to maintain a fiscally responsible budget over the next several years given the current economic realities," Teachers’ Council president Bill Farmer said in the release.

Richard Schulte June 15, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Only in America. . . . millions of Americans are unemployed, some for years, and government employees get a pay increase. Why not replace some of those (over-compensated) teachers with unemployed Americans who would be just glad to have a job at a reasonable wage. I'm sure that our unemployed could do just as good of a job as our teachers could-ETHS is a mess.
Dan June 28, 2012 at 05:13 AM
@Richard When was the last time you taught at ETHS? When was the last time you had a son or daughter attend ETHS? When was the last time you volunteered or were involved in helping to shape ETHS? It is easy to throw stones from half a country away (a.k.a. Florida), it is quite another thing to stick it out and actual be a conduit for change. Come back up north Richard, we will welcome you with open arms. Come help reshape the city, the services, the school board, the district. Don't waste your remaining years yelling at the wind on chat boards and watching your tax dollars get burned up by jet fuel.
Richard Schulte June 28, 2012 at 07:42 PM
"Come back up north Richard, we will welcome you with open arms. Come help reshape the city, the services, the school board, the district. Don't waste your remaining years yelling at the wind on chat boards and watching your tax dollars get burned up by jet fuel." No thanks Dan. I've lived in Evanston since 1983-Evanston is a dying city and Illinois is a dying state. The cost of housing in "redneck" Florida is half the cost in Evanston. Gasoline is a few pennies over $3/gallon and most everything else is 20 to 30 percent less expensive. The roads are in perfect shape-not a pot hole anywhere. And the state income tax in Florida is 0 percent. Oh, and the people in Florida are really nice people-so polite (and the bar-be-que is great too). Oh yes, there is no crime here. What I can't figure out is why I waited so long to leave Illinois. P.S. There are no Obama bumper stickers on the cars here either.
Ayyzee July 23, 2012 at 04:28 PM
For Gods sake, just stop bashing teachers for getting a tiny percentage of the raises they deserve. Nobody goes into teaching for the money. They go into it for the chance to creatively affect our kids' lives and development. What they get instead are ulcers, a load of student debt, unending tirades of disrespect from politicians, billionaire 'reformers' , and right wing cranks who know nothing about education or children. What a deal. No wonder so many people burn out and quit. The least we can do is support the teachers who fight to stick with it year in and year out. They are doing it for our kids, believe me. Because the political atmosphere toward teachers is soul destroying.


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