League of Women Voters Announces Constitution Contest Winners

The League of Women Voters of Evanston recently announced the winners of its annual Constitution Contest, which asks kids to tell what the Constitution means to them.

Dozens of District 65 students participated in this year's Constitution Contest, organized by the League of Women Voters of Evanston. 

This year, four students from King Lab and Nichols schools took home the top prizes in the contest, which asks students to describe what the Constitution means to them. 

Click on the video at right to watch Laila Sauer's video on the Bill of Rights, which took home first place in the performing arts category.


  • Written Word: Ellie Rogers, King Lab
  • Performing Arts: Laila Sauer, Nichols 
  • Visual Arts: Lara Kosar and Emma Stein, King Lab


  • Written Word: Violet Kuner, Nichols 
  • Performing Arts: Yonit Slater, King Lab 
  • Visual Arts: Flora Block, King Lab


  • Written Word: Sienna Cash, Nichols
  • Performing Arts: Mattias Amezquita-Fox, Drew Dawkins, Owen Meyer and Davis Patterson from King Lab; Fritz Gallun and Jacob Wolner from Nichols.
  • Visual Arts: Sarah Hayat, Nichols


  • Written Word: Harel Anolick, Katherine Bezaitis, Isaac Alkarime Diop, Lucia Hansen, Lorna Jean Pierre, Katerra Jones, Chirasree Mandal, Olivia O'Brien, Madeline Pimlott, Thomas Sevcik, Alexander Thoren and Jacob Wham
  • Performing Arts: Nicholas Carrol, Vanessa Eljaiek Martinez, Fernando Ferrer, Anna Fredrick, Helen Frieman, Henry Green, Zoe Hadley, Asher White, Jayden Winkler, Margaret Wolf, Sophia Young
  • Visual Arts: Jana Andrade, Ilse Bailleres, Miriam Berne, Oliver Brady, Zyon Brooks, Isabella Chiocca, Quinn Doroba, Jeremiah Engel, Matan Fireman, Daniel Frederick, Jacob Friedman, Autumn Gates, Kai Gerberick, Anastasia Goncharove, Chloe Hain, Alexis Harris Dyer, Matthew Ho, Matthew Hutchinson, Aiden Johannsen, Jonah Karsh, Tessa Kashner, Ethan Kennicott, Eunice Kim, Hyohee Kim, Adaje Lee, Simon Lequar, Alondra Martinez, Jocelyn Martinez, Lucy Mulvihill, Salvador Pinera, Magdalena Pukal, Myria Scott, Julian Stankovic, Kennedy Stubblefield, Nadia Thorman McKey, Theressa Tsaggaris, Grey Turley, Genevieve Wade, Miyoki Walker, Joseph Weissler and Cameron Williams. 


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