No Flap This Year Over D65’s Body Mass Testing

Testing students’ body mass index had upset some parents last year so the district revamped its procedure.

During the last school year, some District 65 parents were surprised and upset to learn that the district was testing middle school students’ body mass index.

So the district changed its procedures for the test, though chose to continue testing because it says the BMI results are an important way to help to fight obesity. The school is keeping results behind a password-protected website and simplified the way parents can opt their children out of the test, according to an article in Evanston Now.

Of the nearly 2,000 middle school students, 117 opted out, 215 were rated as needing improvement and 434 had scores in the “health risk” zone, the article states.

You can read the full Evanston Now story here.

You can read columnist Christine Wolf's take on last school year's flap here.


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