Supply List For Evanston Township High School

What does your student need to start the school year? Here's a list of required and suggested supplies from Evanston Township High School District 202.

Looking to outfit your student for the new school year at ? Here's a list of supplies, as posted on the district website:


  • Pens - blue or black ink
  • Pencils - #2 or mechanical pencils
  • Colored pencils - pack of 12 or more colors
  • Highlighters
  • Erasers
  • Notebook paper
  • Graph paper
  • Ruler - 6” or 12” – Metric and English
  • Calculator: For 1 Algebra, Bridge 2 Algebra and Geometry, students will need a basic scientific calculator. For 2 Algebra and above, students will need a graphing calculator for 2 Algebra courses and above. The most common graphing calculator at ETHS is the TI-83+. (Other graphing calculators will work but most instruction is conducted with a TI– 83+. Graphing calculators cost approximately $100.  Please mark your student’s name on expensive calculators. We highly recommend that you register expensive calculators online in ETHS Home Access Applications.)
  • The PE uniform is required for all grade levels. Each freshman will receive a PE uniform (one t-shirt and one pair of shorts) and one high-security lock during the first week of PE class. The freshman uniform and lock is included in school fees. Transfer students may pick up a uniform and lock from the physical education office. Additional and replacement uniforms are sold during school hours in the PE Office (G108). The cost of the PE uniform is $20 ($10 for the t-shirt and $10 for the shorts). For more information on uniforms, call the PE Office at 847-424-7270.
  • Gym shoes – Students enrolled in PE classes will need athletic gym shoes in order to participate each day. Many families choose to purchase an inexpensive pair of gym shoes that can be left in the student’s PE locker. 
  • Swimsuit – Freshmen/sophomore students will have a swimming unit in PE at some point during the school year. Students in other grade levels may also have a fitness or sports aquatic unit that requires a swimsuit. Students may purchase a swimsuit from ETHS or from a store of their choice. Girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit in a dark color (blue or black), and boys must have swim trunks. Towels will be supplied but students are encouraged to bring their own.

OPTIONAL SUPPLIES (Not required, but helpful):

  • Backpack / book bag – Students may carry a backpack/book bag to carry books and supplies during the school day.
  • Pocket folders and/or a three-ring binder. Three-ring binders work best for most students. A 2.5-inch binder is recommended.
  • Flash drive (USB) – This is helpful for students to transfer their digital documents between home, libraries and school.
  • Small container of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is supplied in various spaces throughout the school. Some students prefer to carry their own container. Pocket tissues - Many students choose to carry pocket packs of tissues in their backpacks or purses.


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