Yoga for real men

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Don't know a down dog from an eagle? Are you tired of being the only dude in a class of gumby gals putting their feet behind their heads? Then “Yoga for real men is for you.” No girlie man stuff here. You will be physically challenged to your level of ability. It doesn't require freak show flexibility either. During certain poses, women are more flexible than men. This class not only evens the playing field, but it also focuses on areas where guys need extra attention, such as their tight hips and shoulders.

During the four weekly classes of the course you will progress through a fixed sequence of postures and yogic practices designed to bring physical and mental balance to the active male. You will be introduced to sun salutations, breathing, and postures including standing postures, seated postures, twists, balancing postures, core strengthening postures and more. You will improve flexibility; Increase strength and muscle tone (particularly core strength); Improve balance and body control; Improve breathing and oxygen intake; and most importantly to do it all while decreasing tension in the body and mind. At the end of class you will be prepared to attend a regular mixed Yoga class and feel comfortable with its tempo and Yoga terminology.


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