Nearby Things To Do in When It's Hot

The heat has broken -- for now. Just in case we have another wave, here's a list of places to escape to in the north Chicago suburbs.

The heat wave has subsided for now and we can all take a sigh of relief.

But sooner or later, just like the monster from any horror film, it is bound to return, perhaps even stronger than before.

Just in case that happens, Patch wants to help you beat the heat that has set .

We've put together a map of places to go and thing to do in the North Chicago suburbs during this heat wave.

You can also help Patch readers (and your friends and neighbors!) by clicking "Edit" on the map and dropping a pin on the map to tell us your favorite things to do when it's 105 degrees.

Or, just sit back and enjoy the map we've put together for you. Scroll around the suburbs and see what each location has to offer.

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