Evanston Storm Cleanup: Car Crashes Into City Vehicle, Sycamore Trunks Split

A car crashed into a public works vehicle overnight Tuesday, and crews discovered several sycamore tree trunks had split down the middle.

A split sycamore tree in Evanston.
A split sycamore tree in Evanston.
After a car crashed into a public works vehicle overnight, storm cleanup operations were delayed in Evanston, according to public works director Suzette Robinson.

A driver struck a parked city vehicle occupied by the streets supervisor around midnight on Central Street, Robinson. The streets supervisor was blocking traffic and protecting his crew as they worked to haul snow, and went to the hospital with neck pain after his shift ended, she said. The vehicle he was in is badly damaged.

Cleanup operations were also complicated by the discovery of multiple sycamore trees that had split down the middle of their trunks. After a 311 caller reported a split tree in the 2200 block of Dodge Avenue, city crews discovered multiple other trees nearby with severe splits, according to Robinson. The city's forestry department is currently investigating more than 300 public sycamore trees for splits and working to remove the ones that are damaged. She said officials believe the extreme cold weather may have caused the trees to crack. 

Due to the sycamore removal, Christmas tree recycling will not begin until Thursday and firewood sales are canceled over the weekend, Robinson said.

City crews will clear residential streets where needed and sidewalks and lots during the day Wednesday, according to Robinson. She said workers would emphasize cleanup of pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections. 


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