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Hi! My name is Scott Kelly and I have over 25 years of experience in the housing industry. I grew up as the youngest kid in a family of home builders and real estate brokers, and I learned the art of negotiating real estate deals over the dinner table as family conversations often turned to business. A few years later, as a university student, I paid my own way through college by working as a real estate broker in the far western suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. As a 30-something, I rounded out my real estate experience as my wife and I moved to Louisville, Kentucky and then to Boulder, Colorado. In August 2012, we moved once again, this time to Evanston, Illinois, because I am also called to another job, which is serving as the pastor of Evanston Baptist Church.
I also have years of experience as custom home builder and remodeler. Over the past 20 years I have experienced the stresses and the joys of being both a home seller and a home buyer. I serve my clients with expert insight into the housing market, along with proven character and superior negotiating and communication skills. My real estate work is built on the idea of “housing for good” which I describe in my blog. Let's talk.
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