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So, you think you're against the "establishment?" Elites in denial.

Who's the Elite, really, and who's the "Establishment?" Why are these swell people so rich, and the rest of us struggling? What if...?

Today, David Brooks writes an op-ed in the NY Times about the elites, how they're in denail about the fact that they are elite, and the sad state of corruption in our corporate, financial and government institutions.  One thing he does not address though, is how our state dictated educational system has laid the ground work for neatly and subtly separating the young from their inate sense of morality.  I know there are those of you who think humans are naturally selfish, or immoral, and have to be schooled into socially benign beings.  Here's the rub.  It seems to me, the most "schooled" among us have fallen into an attitude of success uber alles, leaving behind any sense of morality, coupled with their denial that they are even elites!  What a f*@%#ing mess, huh?  I say the future belongs to anyone who is NOT a hard driven, working to be wealthy, working to get that treasured spot at the best university, to get the best job at the bank, mainstream news station,  utility coporation, etc.  Nothin wrong with hard work, but what and who are you working for?  Maybe the future belongs to the small, organic farmer...who's fighting to keep Monsanto's seeds off his land, or to the mother, raising her child to be moral, strong and to service to the world and its people....you fill in the rest.  For now, here's David's article.


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Jim July 16, 2012 at 02:26 PM
After the fall of Rome there was the dark ages of poverty ignorance and misery. Rome was elite, the barbarians were envious. They did not gain a thing by bring down the elite except centuries of chaos and misery. Who cares if there are elite. they made life decisions that got them there. The non-elite made life decisions that got them there. Envy is not a useful tool. If you want to blame someone for the disparity, look to yourself first and then if you are blameless, look to the politicians who have structured the system the way it is for their own benefit. But the voters keep electing professional power seekers who pander to get and stay elected with no clue how to effectively solve problems.
Richard Schulte July 16, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Unfortunately, it appears that our children no longer study the founding of this great country. Come to think of it, my education about the founding of America (in the 1960's) wasn't that great either. But with careful study over the last 20 years, I've come to understand how unique America actually is. Government should not be a spoils system where the winner of an election feels entitled to loot the taxpayers. The County of Crook represents the worst of our politics where taxpayers are looted on a continuous basis by elected officials. Why the taxpayers of the County of Crook put up with the political system I find difficult to understand.
june shellene July 17, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Jim You seem to be saying there's a level playing field, or free market out there somewhere. But I'll give you this. You can be born into the elite class, or earn your way by working hard while turning a blind eye to the corrupt culture you must embrace in order to succeed. I thank my lucky stars I'm not one of them, and I certainly don't envy them, especially now that the world is catching on, and public pressure is building to prosecute. I refer, of course, to the banking elite, the king pins of the whole mess. Liborgate should get interesting.
Eric Lieberman July 17, 2012 at 05:10 PM
June: You wrote " Nothin wrong with hard work, but what and who are you working for? " It reminds me of one of the "Memphis Belle" rules I wrote and used to run a software company. Number 16 Rule is: "Know who you are flying for." Too many of the "elites" don't know for whom they are flying or don't care. We must all know the mission we are on - and that it is just and good. Otherwise, we are flying in the wrong direction. Eric Lieberman www.liebermanforillinois.com


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