Syria's probably dying for us to intervene after seeing Iraq and Afghanistan flourish, don't you think?

Can you believe some people still take this guy seriously?

This guy wants us NOT to go into Syria, but he does want to end the war on drugs! He'd probably have us praying to Allah, and have kids who smoke marijuana free on the streets!!!   Here's a topper, he wants the Federal Reserve Bank transactions to be transparent.  I mean, c'mon, Bernanke and those guys are the only ones on the planet who can possibly understand finance at that high a level.  Donald Rumsfeld proved this when he said the US Treasury had misplaced $2+ Trillion, on September 10, 2001.  The Fed would NEVER have lost track of that money.  So, we should be grateful to the Fed, who has wisely kept interest rates close to zero for so long, we can't remember what it was like to earn interest on our savings.  This has made us more creative, stronger people.  It's also made it possible for JP Morgan to get near free money to bet on high risk derivatives.  We can't expect these geniuses to be perfect.  Isn't it enough that they are kind enough to put a bank on every corner for us?  Those of us lucky enough to have a job and a house with room in our basements where our grown children can raise their families, should also be grateful to the Fed for doing a fine job with the economy.  


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Jim June 20, 2012 at 03:37 AM
The feds lose 2 billion every day. Maybe they should have hearings for themselves Food stamps are big but the Interior Dept says don't feed the animals in national parks as it makes them dependent and unable to fend for themselves. The media is feeding the urge to intervene in Syria so they can then feed the frenzy to withdraw. First build them up then tear them down. It is an eternal cycle of grist for their mill. If I were a presidential candidate, I would articulate a policy as follows: We will not interfere in any country's internal affairs. But if you unjustly murder, torture or imprison your own people, we will intervene on the side of the victims in the manner of our choosing. Period. This in accord with human rights and morality.


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