We Americans are not alone in our grief. Not by a long shot.

A clip by a thoughtful and responsible young man, Josh Begley.

Josh Begley works very hard to document and communicate what is going on in our world.  Here he lays it right on the line, and reminds us that we live in a very different America than we did just a few short years ago.

Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder what is the difference between my generation, the boomers, who fought long and hard against war.   Some say, oh, you had the draft, so people were much more motivated to protest.  There were lots of better opportunities then for young people, much better than getting blown up half way across the world to further the agenda of a corrupt ruling class.  

Well, then you have to congratulate the guys in charge.  They side-stepped that issue this time around, and now, not only are most of our young people silent, but we boomers have by and large, also refused to stand up and protest our country's obviously out-of-control war agenda.  I don't believe people really buy the "terrorist" threat as a justification either.  We're just not that stupid.  I think it's more of a group trance, or just...too busy just trying to put food on the table or pay the mortgage, or figure out how to live into old age with a shred of dignity.

So, I'm always heartened to see young people like Josh Begley working to communicate, to protest, and to attempt to alert other Americans to what is being done in their name.

I hope you watch.  I hope you care, for we are all responsible, if only because we remain silent, and loyal to the perpetrators of atrocities. 


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june shellene January 04, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Like an Alcoholic, then, America will soon hit rock bottom due to economic, cultural, and geo-political events now unfolding. I'm beginning to realize that it may be too late to warn people who are so deeply asleep. I have enough to do getting ready. Eric and I will be up in Michigan permanently by March. Best of luck to you guys.
Jim January 04, 2013 at 04:34 PM
Wise move.
Robert P. Mark January 04, 2013 at 08:51 PM
I've never read The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Sounds like maybe I should.
Jim January 04, 2013 at 09:29 PM
There are many historical precedents for what is going on in the US now. Rome is just the most analogous. They had a republic, a massive military machine, marvelous technology for the day, ate the same foods, used textiles the way we do, had emulated the best from past civilizations, etc. Their empire disappeared because they became overextended, arrogant, corrupt, bankrupt, immoral and culturally weak. their jealous neighbors pounced and rhe middle ages were upon them. Although I do not wish to be a Jeramiah, I can see the same things happening before my very eyes and frankly am frightened for myself, my family and the nation.
june shellene January 04, 2013 at 10:02 PM
Fear, in this case, is wisdom. Now, America is Rome on steroids. Thanks Jim, for the details.


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